Guide to Reckon's encrypted file exchange facility

Use our encrypted file exchange system to avoid entrusting confidential or sensitive documents to e-mail.

The encrypted file exchange facility enables Reckon staff, clients and other collaborators to share documents and other files through an encrypted system.

NB: To send very large files to Reckon staff, please register/log in to Reckon Online and use our file upload facility instead.

How it works

Files uploaded to the system are encrypted and allocated to a folder.

Files can only be unencrypted and downloaded from a folder by the people who have been given access to that folder.

Access to a folder is controlled by the person who created that folder.

Each authorised user needs to provide his or her personal password each time a file is downloaded. Our server cannot decrypt the file without a correct password.

Files are automatically deleted after a few weeks.

How to register

You will need a Reckon Online registration to use the encrypted file exchange facility.

Reckon Online registration is free and easy. An e-mail address is needed for confirmation.

To register:

1. Go to the Reckon Online registration page

2. Enter your name, organisation, e-mail address and a password. The password will be used to protect encryption keys: please keep it secure.

3. Click "register".

4. You will receive a confirmation e-mail containing a link to a confirmation page. This link will look like this

When followed, it will redirect to a secure (https) page at

5. Enter your password on the confirmation page.

You do not need to use any other Reckon Online services (e.g. news updates) in order to use the encrypted file exchange.

How to create a folder

You can create and control your own folders.

To create a new folder:

1. Go to encrypted file exchange and log in to Reckon Online if necessary.

2. Under "Create a new folder" provide a name for the folder.

3. Click "Create new folder".

How to give someone access to a folder that you have created

You can share documents with any member of Reckon staff or any other registered Reckon Online user.

To give another person access to a folder that you have created:

1. Go to encrypted file exchange and log in to Reckon Online if necessary.

2. Click the link to the folder you created.

3. To give a Reckon staff member access to the folder, select the appropriate name. To give any Reckon Online user access to the folder, enter their e-mail address.

4. Click "Add to folder".

How to add a file to a folder

Everyone who has access to a folder will be able to download the files added to that folder whilst they had access to it.

Clicking on a folder name will display the list of people with access to that folder.

To control access to a particular file, you might need to create a new folder whose access is to be limited to the people you want to share that file with.

To share files with the other people who have access to a particular folder:

1. Go to encrypted file exchange and log in to Reckon Online if necessary.

2. Click the link to the relevant folder.

3. Only proceed if you want the file to be accessible by each of the people listed.

4. Under the heading "Add a file", click the "Browse" button (the label may be slightly different depending on your browser).

5. Find the file you want to share and click "Open" (or the appropriate select button, depending on your operating system).

6. Click "Upload and encrypt".

When a file is added to a folder, an e-mail is sent to everyone who has access to the folder to tell them (e.g. "Nicholas Francis has added a document called "Draft27Feb2008.doc" to folder "Project B" on Reckon Online...").

How to download a file from a folder

You are able to download any files that have been uploaded to the folders that you have access to.

You will need to confirm your password each time you download a file, as the file is stored in an encrypted form with your password protecting the encryption key.

1. Go to encrypted file exchange and log in to Reckon Online if necessary.

2. Click the link to the folder containing the file you want.

3. Under the heading "Files in this folder", select the file you want.

4. Enter your password and click "Get file".

Website security notes

When using Reckon Online, the address shown in your browser should always start with

or with

Some links to addresses on or will redirect to an address starting with https://shadow. This is normal.

If you observe other behaviour then you might be at risk of transmitting confidential information to an intruder. If in doubt, call us on 020 7841 5850 (change leading 0 to +44 if calling from outside the UK).

See Reckon Online security for detailed technical information.

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