Nicholas Francis: examples of competition law and competition economics experience

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*Advice on response to consultations on water industry retail market arrangements (2014-2015)

*Review of methodologies for setting wholesale water tariffs (2014)

*Advice to Competition Act 1998 casework on abuse of dominant position (2014)

*Reforms to water industry access pricing and developer charges (2010-2011)

*Cross subsidies and competition in the water industry (2008-2009)

*Market impact analysis for BBC HD television channel (2007)

*Secondment to provide economics input to EWS competition law case (2005-2006)

*Advice on exploitative abuses under UK and EC competition law (2005)

*The market impact of the BBC's digital-only television and radio services (2004)

*Competition law risks relating to distribution arrangements (2004)

*Economic adviser to Graf review of the BBC's publicly funded website (2003)

*Broadcasting market definition and ex ante regulation (2003)

*Research project on analytical tools for assessing market dynamics (2003)

*Market definition in the media sector (2002)

*Support with submissions to the South African Competition Tribunal (2002)

*Competition assessment of passenger rolling stock markets (2001)

*Competition in the supply of branded medicines to the NHS (2000-2001)

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