Free services

We offer a range of free services to our clients and to others involved in UK regulation and in competition law issues.

Three specific lines of free services, project specification, devil's advocacy and the preliminary analysis of unfair competition cases, are outlined below and in the PDF brochures available on the right.

Time and conflicts permitting, we are also happy to consider requests for other kinds of free services to enable you to tap into our expertise in ways that cannot be achieved effectively through consultancy services.

In some cases, free services may lead to the recipient commissioning paid services from us on the same topic. But our free services are not simply, or even primarily, pitches for specific paid work. We also want to promote our specific capabilities and distinctive approach by demonstrating their application to the issues that you face.

With all our free services, you can use the ideas provided through our free services as the basis for commissioning paid services from us, from our competitors and/or internally within your organisation. We are sufficiently confident about our capabilities and the keenness of our prices to leave the choice to you.

Project specification

Reckon free services PDF
Project specification and
devil's advocacy services
(1 page, 100k PDF)
Reckon unfair competition PDF
Unfair competition?
(2 landscape pages, 140k PDF)

Our free project specification service is an extension of the traditional consultancy proposal. The service operates as follows. You outline a potential task, question or requirement within our areas of expertise, and we specify a methodology for the work, without any payment or obligation on your part.

You can then make an informed decision as to whether, how and by whom the work should be done.

Devil's advocacy

Our free devil's advocacy service is intended to help policy makers in companies and in public bodies secure their analysis against potential criticisms, and assess arguments presented to them.

The service operates as follows. You provide an outline of a well-defined argument (yours or someone else's) on an issue in our fields of expertise, and we respond as "devil's advocates" by trying to challenge the propositions before us and to identify potential lines of counter-argument.

You can then reach better informed decisions about policy development.

Unfair competition

We offer businesses who believe they are victims of anti-competitive practices a free initial review of the prospects for resolving the issue through a competition complaint. If desired, we can then provide assistance with making a complaint, for a low fixed fee.

More information is available from our guide to complaining about anti-competitive practices.

Using Reckon's free services

All free services are subject to availability and conflicts of interest. We reserve the right to prioritise requests for free services at our discretion. In the event of pressure on staff availability, paid services take priority over free services.

Orders for free services can be placed without any formalities with any of our partners or by e-mail. We can read attachments in all common formats including PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, HTML and ZIP, and we undertake to maintain confidentiality of all requests for free services (subject to our standard e-mail disclaimer).

Reckon LLP is an economics consultancy with expertise in data analysis, economic regulation and competition law.

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