ERGEG proposals for EU energy regulation and unbundling

ERGEG response (52 pages, PDF) to the European Commission's report on electricity and gas markets. The response proposes a greater role for ERGEG and more EU legislation. The discussion of transmission unbundling options may look a little familiar to those involved in the establishment of the GBSO in Scotland. According to the ERGEG report, in Scotland:

The regulator, Ofgem, has extensive independent powers to impose conditions on the network owners and the system operator and to ensure that their activities are undertaken in a transparent way in order to minimise the possibility of abuse. Despite this, the arrangements do not appear to be as affective as the ownership unbundling arrangements in place in England and Wales.

Whilst, perhaps, in the circumstances of Scotland and the regulatory arrangements in place in Britain, these arrangements may (arguably) be adequate, they are clearly not appropriate for all other cases.

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