Competition Commission report on UK broadcast monopoly

Competition Commission report (several PDF files) on Macquarie's acquisition of National Grid Wireless, which would create a quasi-monopoly in UK terrestrial television and national radio broadcasting infrastructure.

The Competition Commission will consider detailed proposals for behavioural remedies which effectively establish a new regulatory agency (described as similar to the ITV CRR regime). But the conclusion is that:

10.92 Although the package of behavioural remedies has been specified in significant detail by the parties, further detailed work is required. There are a number of points to resolve in order for us to be confident that a package of behavioural remedies will be effective [...]. It is possible that this work will reveal flaws in the effectiveness of the proposed package which cannot be resolved.

10.93 If the parties are unable to propose a satisfactory package of behavioural remedies then we will require the parties to implement the divestiture of NGW’s entire MTS/NA business [...]

The report also seems to suggest that Ofcom might want, or perhaps ought, to impose price controls under the Communications Act 2003.

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