Ofwat proposals to fine Southern Water

Ofwat proposal (47 pages, PDF) to impose a £19.8 million financial penalty on Southern Water for allegedly deliberately misreporting and manipulating data on customer service indicators in its 2005 June return. Ofwat also proposed (45 pages, PDF) a further fine of £470,000 for failing to meet prescribed standards of customer service. Representations by Friday 21 December 2007.

According to Ofwat:

129. The manipulation of data and concealment of true performance was instigated and managed by senior members of staff within the Customer Services Department, one of whom was a Board member. The culture within the Customer Services Department, established by the senior members of staff, encouraged the acceptance of the practices and as a consequence the manipulation of reported data became endemic. Collusion occurred for a number of years and practices were established to present a false picture of the companies’ actual performance to the regulator and others.

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