On-going work by the Patient Power Review Group

Update, 30 September 2006: this report has been removed from the Department of Health's website and the reference to it has been deleted from the DH what's new list.

Report on the work so far (50 pages, PDF) by the Patient Power Review Group (PPRG) set up to review the contracts between the NHS and providers of hospital bedside entertainment units and identify ways of addressing the concerns raised by Ofcom's investigation (16 pages, PDF) into the cost of incoming calls made to hospital patients using these units. The PPRG's work to-date has focused on identifying opportunities for providers to reduce their cost basis and of generating further income by increasing the services provided. The report invites Trusts to consider whether the transfer of responsibility for the cleaning of the unit from the provider to them would contribute towards the former, and, in the context of opportunities to generate income, reviews the benefits of the pilot schemes in some Trusts on electronic menu ordering, translation services, electronic questionnaires, patient information and bed management and call flow improvement. A "do nothing" option, presumably defined as the absence of efforts to reduce the cost basis or to generate further income, is thought would not meet the objectives of the Review.

A final report is to be published in December 2006.

For further information or advice please contact Franck Latrémolière.

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