Revised drafts of the BBC Royal Charter and Agreement

As part of the BBC Charter Review, DCMS has published revised versions of the draft Royal Charter (35 pages, PDF) and the draft Framework Agreement (63 pages, PDF). The changes reflect the outcomes of a consultation process and further work by the Government, following the publication of a White Paper in March 2006. These Charter documents are described as in "near-final form". No guide to the differences between the revised documents and the previous drafts appears to be provided; changes include the inclusion of a schedule in the draft Charter on "transitional provisions".

There are no major changes to the process through which proposals for new BBC services (and changes to existing services) are to be subjected to a Public Value Test. The Government has not taken the opportunity to provide further clarity on the nature or precise purpose of the envisaged market impact assessments. The method for such assessments remains in the hands of an Ofcom/BBC Trust Joint Steering Group, although the revised Agreement includes new wording to confirm that "the substantive findings of the assessment remain a matter for the judgment of Ofcom".

Update, 6 July 2006: further revisions to draft Charter and Agreement.

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