Government response to Lords committee on regulators

Government response (22 pages, PDF) to the report by a committee of the House of Lords on economic regulators. The document leaves specific matters (e.g. joint working arrangements, Ofwat's interpretation of competition law, etc.) to be addressed by responses of the regulatory bodies.

On the specific concern of the committee about potential regulatory capture affecting competition cases, the Government states:

With respect to complainants being able to request that the OFT take the lead in investigating complaints, the Government observes that they can already do so. Any request that the OFT take a case in a concurrent sector will be taken into consideration when the OFT and the relevant concurrent regulator agree who is better placed to deal with the complaint. Additionally, when conducting investigations the regulators liaise with each other and the OFT where appropriate on specific issues. Consequently, the Government see no reason to change the current arrangements.

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