Test version of NHS "payment by results" tariff 2007/2008

Letter (4 pages, PDF) from David Nicholson, NHS Chief Executive, to SHA officials and to Monitor announcing the publication of a test version of the "payment by results" national tariff for 2007/2008. Details are set out in a series of accompanying documents (HTML). The scope of services covered by "payment by results" for 2007/2008 is unchanged as is the general structure of the tariffs. The letter notes that there is to be an overall tariff uplift of 2.5 per cent, that the threshold at which the 50% reduced tariff for emergency admissions kicks in is to be set at the 2005/2006 out-turn and that the Purchaser Parity Adjustment (payable to Primary Care Trusts as compensation for losses due to move to national tariffs) is to be reduced to 25 per cent in 2007/2008 and abolished subsequently. The assumption of a 2.5 per cent efficiency gain underlies the revised tariff levels.

SHA officials are invited to model the impact of the new tariffs using their local data and to provide feedback to the Department of Health by Friday 24 November 2006. The consultation on proposals for the development of "payment by results" is now to be published in 2007, rather than in Autumn 2006 as previously announced.

For further information or advice please contact Pedro Fernandes.

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