European Commission accepts FAPL commitments

European Commission press release reporting the decision to make legally binding the commitments received from the Football Association Premier League (FAPL) in respect of the Commission's investigation of the collective selling of media rights to FAPL matches under Article 81. The commitments are binding upon the FAPL until 30 June 2013. The press release notes that: "The decision does not address issues which may arise from contracts concluded as a result of the sales process [of the media rights]: if these contracts give rise to competition issues, then they would require a separate assessment under the competition rules either at European or, more likely following Regulation 1/2003, national level." The decision follows-up the Commission's November 2005 press release.

The Commission has also published non-confidential versions of its formal decision on the commitments (PDF, 12 pages) and of the commitments themselves (PDF, 20 pages).

Filed under Article 81, DG Competition, Media.

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