BBC Trust consultation on BBC iPlayer/on-demand proposals

BBC Trust consultation (29 pages, PDF) on BBC iPlayer and other proposed on-demand BBC services. The document sets out a provisional conclusion based on the Ofcom market impact assessment and a BBC Trust public value assessment (121 pages, PDF).

The BBC Trust proposes to follow Ofcom's advice by reducing the storage window for seven-day TV catch-up over the internet to 30 days, restricting the definition of a series for "stacking" purposes, committing to a "platform-agnostic" technology (i.e. implementing a Real Player solution as well as Microsoft Windows Media DRM, albeit with a two-year time frame), and excluding audiobooks and classical music from audio podcasts.

Responses by Wednesday 28 March 2007. Final BBC Trust decision expected in early May.

For further information or advice please contact Nicholas Francis.

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