Ofwat's annual report for 2007/2008

Annual report (16 landscape pages, 1.6M PDF) of the water and sewerage industry regulator in England and Wales, Ofwat.

The report includes unaudited expenditure estimates showing total expenditure of £13.2 million, up by 15 per cent from £11.5 million in 2006/2007. The increase is mainly attributable to staff costs (up by £1 million) and to consultancy (which now exceeds £2 million). There is also an accommodation upgrade and apparent significant spending on recruitment.

The planned expenditure for 2008/2009 shows a further increase of 35 per cent, to £17.9 million. According to the report:

Our Board concluded that it was necessary to seek a significant budget increase for 2008-09 if we are to deliver our new strategy and meet challenges effectively.

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