Broken links from Ofgem website changes (updated)

Ofgem has failed to follow Cabinet Office or W3C guidance on keeping old addresses active when upgrading its website. This means that most published Ofgem documents are now full of broken links. The public register at has not been affected.

The Reckon website has a lot of links to Ofgem documents. We have put measures in place to ensure continuity of service to our users through this transition. Most links to Ofgem documents using the system have now been updated to point to the new location on the new Ofgem website.

Links will still point to Ofgem's old server (still available at in cases where our system could not discover the new location of the document. A warning page will be displayed when clicking through to these documents from the Reckon website.

Update, 16 April 2007: Ofgem seems to have forgotten to transfer the following sections of its old site:

These categories have no obvious place in the new site's hierarchical structure, and on a sample of a few documents it seems that the (generally poor) search feature of the new site cannot find them, even when specifying exact Ofgem document numbers or dates.

The missing documents number about 2,300 (out of about 11,000). They include some important policy documents on GB transmission arrangements, as well as Ofgem's 2007 EDF non-infringement decision.

Update, 21 April 2007: The freedom of information disclosure log seems to have disappeared too, although the one document that it contained has been transferred.

Comment, April 2007: The lead competition authority for the GB electricity and gas sectors has come up with a hierarchical structure for its website that does not seem to include competition law enforcement. If this reflects its priorities, then this is a pity, all the more so since I have found most of Ofgem's decisions in this area to be more concisely and better reasoned than those of the other UK competition authorities. Franck

Reckon solution to Ofgem broken links problem: If you have an old Ofgem URL or file name, our Ofgem URL matching service may help you find the new location. (Free Reckon Online registration required to see full results.)

Update, 15 May 2007: Things are improving and the Ofgem URL matching service has been updated to include documents recently added back to the new site.

For further information or advice please contact Franck Latrémolière.

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