Consultation deadline (DTI): Energy administration shortfalls

Responses are due by Friday 3 March 2006 to this DTI consultation (25 pages, PDF) proposing to modify the licences of National Grid's electricity GBSO and gas NTS businesses, and of electricity suppliers and gas shippers, to enable the Secretary of State to recover from customers any shortfall costs incurred in the course of an energy administration for a protected (network) company. This would be instead of the mechanism to recover costs through the relevant company's own charges proposed in August 2005.

The proposed licence modifications remove the need to give notice of such increases to charges and allow National Grid to discriminate between charges on the ground of "objective" differences other than cost differences, or "if necessary to give effect to the shortfall direction".

Update, May 2006: most links to the DTI website have been broken by an update, and it is not easy to find documents on the new website.

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