Ofcom consultation on market impact of BBC iPlayer

Ofcom questionnaire (8 pages, PDF) on the market impact assessment of the BBC's iPlayer. BBC iPlayer would give Internet and cable users on-demand access to BBC TV programmes broadcast over the previous seven days, and would also offer Internet simulcast of BBC TV and DRM-free audio downloads. Ofcom has also published the terms of reference (4 pages, PDF) for its assessment.

A presentation on the MIA process (26 slides, PDF) and a brief overview of the BBC's plans (15 slides, 2.2M PDF) were subsequently added to Ofcom's website.

Update 10 October 2006: Following the BBC's release of more detailed information on its new on-demand proposals, the timetable for Ofcom's MIA has been extented. Stakeholders now have until 7 November 2006 to submit representations, and Ofcom will have until 19 January 2007 to complete the MIA.

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