Possible mobile TV services using DAB multiplex

DCMS consultation (18 pages, PDF) on a proposal to vary the radio and television licensing regimes to allow television on digital radio multiplexes, and to allow up to 30 per cent of the capacity on the Digital One national DAB multiplex to be used for purposes other than radio. The rationale for the change is to allow the DAB multiplex to carry five television channels of a quality sufficient for viewing on mobile devices (whilst reducing the quality of some radio streams to free up capacity). DCMS proposes to make the changes through secondary legislation on the grounds that they are motivated by advances in technology that have reduced the DAB error rates, improved compression of video streams, and improved the viability of portable TV devices. The document appears to take the view that the additional competition against other mobile TV providers (e.g. using 3G networks) is legitimate and was a risk that bidders would have accepted when bidding for the spectrum licences. Responses by Monday 12 June 2006.

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