Health Committee report on ISTC programme

Report (66 pages, PDF) by the Health Committee on the independent sector treatment centre (ISTC) programme. The report finds that ISTCs "had not made a major direct contribution to increasing capacity" but that it had brought spot purchase prices down and increased patient choice. The Committee notes that due to lack of firm data it could not conclude on the impact that ISTC competition has had on NHS practices or NHS finances, or on the value for money of ISTCs though it states that it is "not convinced that ISTCs provide better value for money" than options drawing on NHS resources. It is recommended that the National Audit Office investigate the programme.

The report is accompanied by two volumes containing the written and oral evidence submitted to the Committee; Vol II (103 pages, PDF) and Vol III (230 pages, PDF).

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Filed under Department of Health, Healthcare, NAO, UK parliaments.

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