Proposed changes to Quarterly Energy Prices series

DTI consultation (32 pages, PDF) on proposed changes to the statistical energy price information collected and published. The document proposes to discontinue data series for price paid by industrial gas, electricity, coal, heavy fuel oil and gas oil consumers except in the "large" sizeband. The information used to index traction electricity charges in Network Rail track access agreements (electricity purchased by moderately large users) would continue to be published (and used in the calculation of the producer price index), although this would be reviewed in 2009. Data series based on prices charged by electricity and gas suppliers (collected by DTI for the Eurostat Price Transparency Survey) would take over as the "main source of DTI industrial electricity price information" (and the sole source in the case of small and medium industrial users). Responses by Friday 11 November 2005.

For further information or advice please contact Franck Latrémolière.

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