Details of alleged Losec abuse by AstraZeneca

Public version (214 pages, PDF) of the European Commission decision dated 15 June 2005 finding that AstraZeneca had infringed Article 82 by attempting to exclude generic and parallel trade competition to its Losec product through the provision of misleading information in support of its applications for supplementary protection certificates for the active substance Omeprazole, and through the deregistration of marketing authorisations for capsule versions of the product. The decision does not appear to allege any exploitative abuse through overcharging on the back of the restrictions on competition. AstraZeneca has appealed to the Court of First Instance. See Patent abuses under Article 82 for further comment.

Update, 19 July 2006: this item now links to a more usable PDF file than the provisional version (236 pages, 15.8M scanned PDF) published in April 2006.

Filed under Article 82, DG Competition, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals.

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