Ofwat's unit costs and relative efficiency report 2005/2006

Ofwat's annual report (58 pages, 1.3M PDF) on unit costs (operating and capital maintenance expenditures) and estimated relative efficiency of water and sewerage undertakers in England and Wales using data for the financial year 2005/2006. An annex (14 pages, PDF) provides details of the econometric models used by Ofwat.

Section 5.2 of the report provides an update on Reckon's ongoing work for UKWIR on a review of Ofwat's approach to assessing efficiency. Section 5.3 outlines current research sponsored by Ofwat on productivity and efficiency measurement, and restates Ofwat's commitment to review capital maintenance econometric models.

Update, 31 January 2007: Ofwat correction to water distribution infrastructure capital maintenance expenditure model.

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