Ofreg work plan for 2007/2008

Work programme (44 pages, PDF) of Ofreg (now branded "the Utility Regulator") for 2007/2008. This includes plans for water regulation as well as electricity and downstream gas.

The total annual budget of £6.8 million, almost double the 2006/2007 budget and more than double the 2005/2006 outturn.

The addition of water regulation explains one third of the increase (£1.1 million). Expenditure on All Island Electricity is up 44 per cent (to £2.2 million). The rest of the increase is mainly attributable to corporate overheads (totalling £1.7 million) which are now separately identified over and above expenditure in the various gas and electricity areas. The only material reduction in expenditure in these areas is the disappearance of £0.2 million of gas promotion work.

There is no specific plan or budget for any aspect of competition law enforcement (Ofreg and OFT are concurrent competition law enforcement authorities in the electricity, gas and water sectors in Northern Ireland).

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