Ofgem seems to like real-time tagging (P217)

Ofgem notice (3 pages, PDF) that it will not make a decision on P211 (ex post unconstrained stack) until it is able to compare it with P217 (real-time tagging).

The BSC Panel came out against P211. Ofgem ran its own consultation in December 2007.

Comment 1: The letter states that “It is very disappointing that P217 was not raised much earlier” and “we urge the industry to prioritise progressing the assessment of P217 so that resolution of the identified defects can be implemented as early as possible”. This might as a simple comment about timing; but it might also be read as an indication that Ofgem thinks that the correct answer lies in the direction of P217. Franck

Comment 2: Ofgem also seems to endorse more commercial freedom for National Grid in the P212 decision: this refers to “the solution that works effectively in the gas market” in which “the [system operator] can also trade in the gas on-the-day commodity market”. This tends to reinforce the impression that P217 might be in favour. Franck

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