European Commission investigations into competition in electricity and gas markets

Announcement that DG Competition has initiated inquiries into competition in the electricity and gas sectors across the European Community. The inquiries will seek to identify possible breaches of EC competition rules (mainly Article 81 and Article 82, subject to Article 86 where appropriate). These inquiries are to run in parallel with a review of regulatory issues by DG Energy and Transport in preparation to a report on the electricity and gas directives, and will be based on requests for information through questionnaires.

The grounds given by DG Competition for initiating inquiries are that it has concerns about the operation of competition, but that the reasons for any deficiencies are not clear. The main sources of concern are the lack of effective competitive constraints arising from cross-border flows, recent price increases, limited new entry, high levels of concentration and complaints about access to networks. For details see the decision notice (PDF, 4 pages), communication (PDF, 5 pages) and press FAQ.

For further information or advice please contact Franck Latrémolière.

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