NAO annual report and accounts 2005/2006

Annual report and audited accounts (77 pages, 1M PDF) of the National Audit Office. Total expenditure was £81.6 million, up 5.6 per cent on 2004/005. The increase of more than 11 per cent in expenditure on core activities (14.6 per cent for value for money work) was partially offset by the transfer of the Cardiff office to the Wales Audit Office.

The total "financial impact" claimed was £555 million (page 72), with the largest items relating to the OGC gateway review process (impact rolled up from 2003), PFI good practice, reduction in prisoner re-offending (impact rolled up from 2003) and "addressing VAT risk and complexity in local authorities". £11 million is also claimed for "better targeting of resources in public transport schemes".

Filed under NAO, Regulators.

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