SE: Boman et al (2007) Alcohol consumption in Sweden until 2006

Report (107 pages, PDF, mostly in Swedish) from the Centre for Social Research on Alocohol and Drugs (SoRAD) of Stockholm University, presenting statistics on consumption of alcoholic beverages in Sweden from 1996 to 2006. The figures are broken down by type of drink (distinguishing between weak beer, strong beer, wine and spirits) and by the channel through which the drinks are purchased. In this last regard, estimates are given for purchases made through "registered" sources (Systembolaget, on-license premises) and through "unregistered" sources, namely cross-border shopping, home brewing, internet purchasing and smuggling. Data on consumption relating to "unregistered" sources are based on survey work. Appendix 2 (pp 89-94) contains an English summary of the methodology.

Reports for previous years are avialble from SoRAD.

Boman, U., M. Ramstedt, and J. Svensson, (2007) Alkoholkonsumtionen i Sverige fram till år 2006. (SoRAD Rapportserie, nr 48). Stockholm: Stockholms universitet, SoRAD.

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