Consultation on rail priorities for Scotland

Scottish Executive consultation (PDF, 24 pages) about the priorities for rail policy in Scotland. This is to provide information for the freight strategy and the long-term national transport strategy to be developed by Transport Scotland over the coming year.

The document is short (the main text is on pages 7-16). It outlines the governance of the railway industry in Scotland under the Railways Act 2005, and the process for developing the national transport strategy. It suggests that future efforts might be focused on securing the reliability and performance of the current services rather than on further major projects or new services. It seeks views on prioritisation of services where railway infrastructure is close to capacity, suggesting a policy based on the maximisation of output measures such as passenger-miles, which are seen as proxies for the "benefit to the economy". Specific ideas for changes to meet the "overall objectives of promoting economic growth, social inclusion, health and protection of our environment" are also invited. Responses by Wednesday 28 December 2005.

For further information or advice please contact Franck Latrémolière.

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