Ofcom consultation on commercial radio regulation (phase 2)

Ofcom consultation paper (85 pages, PDF) on the regulation of commercial radio. The paper sets out Ofcom's vision for radio's future, including radio's public purposes, and identifies areas where this vision is not fully met in today's radio market. These concern the range of UK-wide commercial stations, the plurality of radio that meets public purposes, the lack of subscription radio and the range of community radio services.

Ofcom proposes changes to the regulation of formats and various measures as part of its licensing policy. Its proposals on licensing include plans to enable the growth of digital radio by allocating more spectrum to local and national DAB, including an additional UK-wide multiplex (see separate consultation paper (PDF)). Ofcom also notes the predominance of the BBC over the commercial sector in UK-wide radio, and reiterates the points on market impact assessment and ex ante competition powers that it made in its response to the green paper on the BBC Charter. Consultation closes Wednesday 11 January 2006.

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