Further proposal to reduce the effect of P194 (P205)

Good Energy Ltd proposal (5 pages, Microsoft Word) to undo most of the effect of P194 by widening the price averaging reference volume (PAR), the band of highest/lowest accepted offers/bids over which an average is to be taken to determine some imbalance settlement prices, from 100MWh to 500MWh. The Panel has recommended urgent consideration to enable any implementation at the same time as P194 (2 November 2006). ELEXON has a dedicated page.

Other proposed modifications seeking to reduce the effect of P194 are P201 and P202, which would undo P194 by using market prices rather than accepted bids or offers as the basis for imbalance settlement.

For further information or advice please contact Franck Latrémolière.

Filed under BETTA, Electricity.

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