European Commission impact assessment guidelines

European Commission guidelines (48 pages, PDF) on the preparation of impact assessments for policy proposals.

These guidelines define, in effect, a logic model with two main layers:

They suggest that impacts can best be identified through a causal model.

The guidelines emphasise proportionality and subsidiarity as criteria to choose between options. The criteria of effectiveness (achieving the objectives), efficiency (minimising costs) and consistency (minimising distributional effects and economic/social/environmental trade-offs) are to be used to screen the options to be subjected to assessment.

The annexes (51 pages, PDF) are not fully targeted on the impact assessment concepts defined in the guidance. For example:

A single file (99 pages, PDF) containing the guidance and annexes is also available, as are (now) German and French (116 pages, PDF) versions. Further links can be found on the European Commission's impact assessment website. DG Competition's competition screening guidance was published a few weeks after the guidelines.

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