OFT decision on Claritas/DMA allegations against Consignia/Royal Mail/Postal Preference Service Limited

OFT decision (10 pages, PDF) rejecting a complaint against Royal Mail (then known as Consignia) for using its monopoly brand in marketing-related activities.

The OFT summarises the grounds for rejection as follows:

the investigation found that PPS had not achieved substantially higher response rates than its competitors, that the Royal Mail trade marks appeared not to have markedly boosted the response rate, and that potential customers of PPS data were likely to continue to purchase data from their current suppliers. The evidence leads to the conclusion that PPS has been competing legitimately, not that competition is being undermined.

The High Court refused to grant an interim injunction in 2000 over similar complaints.

This OFT decision was not appealed to the Competition Appeal Tribunal.

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Filed under Article 82, OFT.

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