Responses to Ofgem on G3 proposals for structure of charges

Responses (14 PDF files) to Ofgem's consultation on SP Energy Networks' G3 proposals for the determination of electricity distribution use of system charges.

This includes a Reckon LLP response (22 pages, PDF), which argues that Ofgem is not in a position to make a reasoned decision that the proposal would not better achieve the relevant objectives. If so, Ofgem has no power under the relevant licence conditions to prohibit the proposal.

Several of the other responses decline to address the issues raised, referring instead to Ofgem's consultation to scrap the current process. For example, British Gas wishes that SP Energy Networks would withdraw its proposal, and RWEnpower finds it “inconceivable that Scottish Power could adopt a new methodology to be replaced rapidly by a methodology common across all DNOs”.

Update, later on Thursday: number of responses updated from 13 to 14 — a response from David Tolley and Furong Li was added to the list.

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