Ofcom finds no predation by Red Bee Media

Ofcom notice that it has concluded that Red Bee Media (the former BBC Broadcast business now owned by Macquarie Bank) does not have a dominant position in the market for the supply of access services to UK television broadcasters.

Ofcom has decided (85 pages, PDF) that it has no grounds to suspect that Red Bee Media has committed any predatory or exclusionary abuse through the terms or prices that it offered to Channel 4, or that the resulting contract with Channel 4 appreciably restricts competition.

Ofcom has decided (10 pages, PDF) not to pursue an investigation relating to alleged foreclosure effects of Red Bee Media's contract with the BBC “following a reduction in the duration of the BBC contract, in light of other priorities”.

The case was opened in July 2005 when the business was under BBC ownership, and extended in December 2005 to include consideration of the BBC contract.

For further information or advice please contact Franck Latrémolière or Nicholas Francis.

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