Update of the PPP Arbiter's procedures

Revised version (35 pages, PDF) of the general procedures to be followed by the London Underground PPP Arbiter. A procedural approach (23 pages, PDF) for extraordinary reviews has also been released. This follows from the February 2007 consultation.

The proposal to require references to be accompanied by reports from Ofwat-style reporters (consulting engineers) is not included in the general framework document, although the procedural approach to the (Metronet) extraordinary review states that “the Arbiter considers that there may be merit in the preparation of information submissions being overseen by 'reporters'”.

On document formats (which had been identified as a cause of delays in the use of electronic document exchange), the Arbiter imposes the use of Microsoft Office proprietary binary formats (not Open XML) or PDF, and specifically disallows plain text and rich text formats.

For further information or advice please contact Franck Latrémolière.

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