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Reckon LLP publishes and and provides the Reckon Online website services.

The words "we", "us", "our" and similar expressions on this page refer to Reckon LLP.

Reckon LLP is a limited liability partnership registered in England under number OC307897. Our registered office is at 31 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 5HJ. We are registered for VAT under number GB 839722985.

This page contains information about our e-mail disclaimers, website terms of use, privacy policy, accessibility and right of reply.

We update the notices on this page from time to time. Please check before relying on any part of these notices. This page was last updated on 12 April 2010.

E-mail disclaimers

E-mails sent from Reckon LLP are subject to:

Use our encrypted file exchange facility or other secure means of communications in cases where Internet e-mail does not provide sufficient security. Use the telephone to confirm delivery in cases where Internet e-mail does not provide sufficient reliability. By communicating with us by e-mail you authorise us to use, and rely on, e-mail for communications with you.

We are not liable for any e-mail with erroneous or falsified headers which may incorrectly appear to originate from Reckon LLP.

Website terms of use

By accessing any website on or any Reckon Online service (together "our sites"), you are agreeing to the following terms:

Privacy policy. It is your responsibility to review our privacy policy before using our sites or services.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability. While reasonable care is taken, we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness or fitness for any particular purpose of the content published on our sites. The content is intended for general information only and does not constitute a recommendation or advice of any kind. All implied warranties or duties are excluded to the greatest extent possible under law. No warranty of freedom from viruses or other contamination or of compatibility with any computer systems or software is given.

Third party content. Our pages may cause content provided by third parties to be loaded into your browser, such as search results. Third-party content is provided under the terms set by its provider, not by us. We are not responsible for the availability, accuracy, quality or completeness of any third-party content that our pages refer to.

Links to other sites. Any links on our sites to sites not operated by us are provided for your convenience only. We are not responsible in any way for the availability, accuracy, quality or completeness of any content on these sites.

Links from other sites. Third parties are permitted to link to pages within our sites provided that and that the nature, ownership and context of our content are not misrepresented. We reserve the right to revoke permission to link in exceptional circumstances if we consider that any particular form of linking to our sites is excessive or inappropriate. We endeavour to maintain links in line with good webmaster practice. However, we may on occasion change the location and content of the material on our sites without notice. It is the responsibility of the linking party to check and update links as necessary. We provide logos and sample linking code to be used for permitted links.

Contributed content. Reckon Open enables users to contribute content to our sites. By contributing to Reckon Open, you agree to grant Reckon LLP a permanent royalty-free licence to copy, publish, modify or re-use any content which you submit to Reckon Open. You also agree not to post any unlawful, defamatory, obscene, threatening, or abusive content; any content that incites discrimination, hate or violence; any content that infringes privacy rights; any content that infringes intellectual property, confidentiality or secrecy rights of others; or any knowingly incorrect or misleading information.

Uploaded files. Reckon Online enables users to upload files and other information for the use of Reckon's staff, clients and other collaborators. By using this facility you agree to use all reasonable endeavours to avoid posting viruses, trojans, corrupt or harmful data, incorrect or misleading information, or information copied in breach of copyright or other rights. All files in Reckon Online folders are stored in encrypted form. Reckon LLP will use reasonable endeavours to ensure the security of confidential information on Reckon Online.

Copyright. Insofar copyright protection applies and unless otherwise stated, the content of our websites, other than third-party content, is copyright © 2004-2010 Reckon LLP or its licensors. All rights reserved. Please contact us if you wish to re-publish, re-distribute or exploit our content in any way. Any Crown Copyright material is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO and the Queen's Printer for Scotland (licence C2007000833). Any Parliamentary material is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO on behalf of Parliament (licence P2007000135).

Privacy policy

The following privacy policy applies to information exchanged through and Reckon Online.

Registered users. We maintain a database of Reckon Online registered users. We will not sell or transfer any of your details to anyone else. You can always remove your details from our database by sending a written request to our registered office or by e-mailing

Identification of contributions. IP address details will be shown for contributions to Reckon Open except where an Reckon Online account with a confirmed e-mail address was used to make the contribution. Contributions to Reckon Open from users logged in under a confirmed Reckon Online registration will be marked "Anonymous" (without IP address information) unless the user has chosen another nickname.

Access logs. Your access to our websites is recorded in access logs. Access log data for pages on may identify the company or operator that provides you with Internet access, but does not identify you personally unless your details are in the whois IP database. Access log data for pages on Reckon Online identify the logged-in user, if any. We use access log data to monitor usage of our site, to detect errors and to improve accessibility and usability. We will not share access log data that might be used (even indirectly) to identify any user with any other person except to the extent required by law or pursuant to a request from a relevant authority which has the force of law in the United Kingdom.

Cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data provided by a website which your browser can store and send back to the server in subsequent requests. Cookies help the server to arrange content to meet your requirements, and most major websites use cookies. It is your responsibility to configure your browser to reject cookies from our sites if you do not wish to accept our cookies. We use cookies to operate user log in systems, e.g. on Reckon Online. When you log in or edit a page, a cookie is sent to you by the server. It contains the name of the domain using the cookie, an expiry time, and a machine-generated unique reference code to identify your account or session. Providers of third-party content embedded in our pages (e.g. advertising or videos) may use their own cookies, under their own policies.


We try to provide web pages which will be accessible through screen reading software as well as a wide variety of browsing systems (including mobile devices).

We also aim for compliance with technical interoperability standards. Our web pages are normally served as text/html with a XHTML 1.0 Strict or Transitional doctype. Our web feeds use the RSS 2.0 format. We monitor validity against these standards.

We may sometimes fail. If you experience difficulties in using our site or discover technical errors, please let Franck Latrémolière know.

Right of reply

We strive for accuracy in the information included on our sites, and we offer a reasonable right of reply.

If you find an error on our sites, or if you disagree with our opinions or speculations, please let us know by e-mail to, by telephone to 020 7841 5850 (change first 0 to +44 if dialling from outside the UK), or by using our right of reply service.

Reckon LLP is an economics consultancy with expertise in data analysis, economic regulation and competition law.

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