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Reckon Open is a website operated by the consultancy Reckon LLP to disseminate and exchange information and opinions about issues in the economics of data analysis, economic regulation and competition law.

Anyone can contribute to Reckon Open by editing pages, or by adding notes or comments. See the Guidelines for the simple mark-up codes available on the site and for editing etiquette. No knowledge of HTML is needed: most of the content is normal text, formatted as in a plain text e-mail.

Some Reckon Open pages collect information and links on topics relevant to Reckon's work that might be of interest to a wider public. These include:

Reckon Open contains supporting information and a space for comments relating to Reckon's discussion papers published on this site. Topics covered by these papers have included:

Reckon Open also hosts web articles, including blog entries in Reckon viewpoint: Franck.

This page is managed by Reckon LLP. Users are encouraged to contribute relevant views and links. Use the "Edit this page" or "Add a comment" button above to edit the text or to add comments and notes. Advice on making contributions (including trackback) is in the Guidelines.

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