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1997 consolidated version of the EC Treaty

Numbering issues

The Treaty of Amsterdam, which was made in 1997 and came into force in 1999, contained a consolidated version of the Treaty establishing the European Community (or EC Treaty).

The consolidated version is based on the Treaty of Rome but uses a comprehensive re-numbering of the articles.

The Reckon website uses the numbering of this consolidated version to refer to articles in the EC Treaty, even when discussing older cases. Quotations from judgments and other documents are amended as necessary.

The Court of Justice has published an information note and correspondence table on recommended ways of referring to Treaty articles.

A 2002 consolidated version of the EC Treaty is also available on Eur-Lex. This, thankfully, uses the same numbering as the 1997 version.

The Treaty of Amsterdam contains a table of correspondence between this numbering and the original Treaty of Rome numbering.


The Reckon website includes a number of articles, reviews of cases and other information related to the competition and State aid law articles of the EC Treaty. In the 1997 consolidated version, these are:

Other articles mentioned on the Reckon site include:

Lisbon Treaty renumbering disaster

If it had been ratified by all EU member states, the Treaty of Lisbon would have:

Although the drafting of the amendments specified by the Lisbon Treaty assumed no general renumbering, its Article 5 would have mandated a pointless and wasteful (says Franck) renumbering of the whole treaty document.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has released in January 2008 a consolidated treaties document (336 pages, PDF) incorporating the proposed Lisbon Treaty changes. The competition and State aid articles appear as Articles 101-109.

The Council of the European Union released its own consolidated document (479 pages, PDF) in April 2008. The numbering appears to be the same as in the UK FCO document.

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