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Article 3

Article 3 EC provides a high-level list of the "activities" of the European Community's institution, which are to be exercised for the purposes set out in Article 2.

The full text is available from Eur-Lex:

Article 3(1), which comprises 21 points numbered (a)-(u) in the 1997 consolidated version of the EC Treaty, is a list of powers which have accrued over the years and revisions of the Treaty.

Of particular relevance to competition law is Article 3(1)(g) (numbered Article 3(f) in the previous version of the Treaty):

"For the purposes set out in Article 2, the activities of the Community shall include, as provided in this Treaty and in accordance with the timetable set out therein: [...] a system ensuring that competition in the internal market is not distorted; [...]"

This provision was in particular drawn upon by the European Court of Justice in Hoffmann-La Roche to characterise infringements of competition law.

Article 3(2) qualifies the purposes (otherwise set out in Article 2) for which these powers are to be used, by adding an aim to eliminate inequalities and to promote equality between men and women.

Note: In June 2007 the European Council agreed to the principle of replacing Article 2 and Article 3 with a new formulation of the EU's objectives, under which Article 3(1)(g) would move to a separate agreed protocol.

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