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Viewpoint: Franck is Franck Latrémolière's regulation and competition economics blog.

Entries are added fairly infrequently, for thoughts that would not fit in a Reckon news item shown on the Reckon home page or in one of the more specialised feeds available from there.

Notification of new entries (with short summaries) is provided on this web page or in RSS web feed format. The blog is also distributed through Reckon's e-mail alerts system.

There is a list of the main articles in descending chronological order at the end of this page. A full archive is on Reckon Online (free user registration required).

Competition law

Administrative decisions

Buyer power

Competition litigation

Exploitative abuse

Refusal to supply

Regulated sectors and public services

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Regulation and price controls

Access pricing

Electricity trading arrangements

Price controls

Quality of service incentives

Water mergers

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EC State aid law

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Regulators and regulatory information

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Main articles in descending chronological order

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