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Distribution price control 2005-2010

This page provides links to the main documents relating to the price controls for the period 2005-2010 for the 14 main electricity distribution networks in England, Wales and Scotland.

This price control is to be replaced in 2010 by the distribution price control from 2010.

Documents are listed in reverse chronological order.

October 2005: Ofgem "clarification" of the treatment of efficiencies

This letter issued in the context of merger speculation casts some doubt about the extent to which Ofgem is committed to the incentive arrangements described in Appendix 1 to the final proposals.

July 2005: Ofgem's assessment of the price control review process

February 2005: Statutory consultation on licence conditions

The document contains revised price control calculations to correct errors in the November 2004 document. The licence conditions proposed were accepted.

November 2004: Ofgem's final proposals

These proposals were accepted by all companies. Appendix 1 to this document contains Ofgem's specification of various incentive adjustments, including rolling incentive schemes.

September 2004: Ofgem update

June 2004: Ofgem's initial proposals

This document explains how incentive rates for quality of service (CI and CML measures) were calculated.

Some earlier documents could be added to this list.

Other information

This price control applies to the period from 1 April 2005 to 31 March 2010.

It followed from the distribution price control 2000-2005.

Ofgem issued its first paper relating to the next review of distribution charges and the distribution price control from 2010 in May 2007.

The companies concerned are (listed by ownership group):

In case of further consolidation, a "merger tax" adjustment will be made to price limits in line with Ofgem's 2002 policy as confirmed in 2005.

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