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This page provides guidelines for making contributions to Reckon Open, including:

Editing etiquette

Do not hesitate to make changes. It is better to make an imperfect change than to leave something wrong or incomplete in place.

In particular:

Please read the legal notice for contributed content before posting substantive material.

A test page is available for experimenting with the linking and formatting codes.

Linking codes

To create a link within Reckon Open, simply enclose the name of the page that you want to link to within double square brackets. For example [[test page]] gives test page.

You can also link to external sites by placing the full URL (including http://) in double square brackets.

You can link to material elsewhere on the current page by prefixing the name of the "anchor" by a #. Anchors are automatically provided for the top of the page as Back to top, and for every heading in the page using the text of the heading as the anchor name (e.g. Linking codes). Additional anchors can be inserted in the text of the page by placing the anchor name on a stand-alone line prefixed by a single #.

A "display name" for a link can be inserted between the two closing square brackets. However, WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) links are usually best.

Alternative syntaxes used by other wiki engines (e.g. URL within single square brackets or display name after a space) or commonly used in plain text e-mail (e.g. full URL between angle brackets < and >) are also supported.

Creating a page

To create a new page, create a link to the desired page by placing its name between double square brackets in the text of a page intended to link to the new page, follow that link, and edit the content of the new page in the normal way.

Formatting codes


Formatting can be applied to short sections of text by using the following codes:

Signature code

The special code --sig-- will be transformed into a signature and date stamp (as shown at the end of this paragraph). [Franck Fri Sep 24 11:06:08 2004]

Legal notice for contributed content

By posting content to Reckon Open you agree:

The following privacy policy applies:


The Blank Template page provides default text for new pages.

A periodic process deletes all versions of any pages which link to please delete this page, have not changed for several days, and are not reachable from the Reckon Open page.

This page is managed by Reckon LLP. Users are encouraged to contribute relevant views and links. Use the "Edit this page" or "Add a comment" button above to edit the text or to add comments and notes. Advice on making contributions (including trackback) is in the Guidelines.

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