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Railways Act 2005

The Railways Act 2005 implements the changes to the governance of the rail industry in Great Britain proposed by the 2004 white paper "The Future of Rail" (96 pages, PDF), including by amending the Railways Act 1993.

The full text of the Act is available in HTML chunks from the OPSI/HMSO website:

A PDF version (333 pages) is available from The Railways Archive.

The Railways Act 2005 abolished the Strategic Rail Authority (which had been established by the Transport Act 2000) and transferred its franchising and funding responsibilities to the Department for Transport and the Scottish Executive. It also provides for the transfer of health and safety regulation powers (HM Railways Inspectorate) from the Health and Safety Executive to the Office of Rail Regulation.

The customer protection powers transferred from the Rail Regulator by the Transport Act 2000 are transferred back to the Office of Rail Regulation (which replaced the Rail Regulator under the Railways and Transport Safety Act 2003).

The mechanism for approving closures was changed, with the ORR being given the duty to refuse to ratify a closure if it is satisfied that the consultation requirements have not been complied with or that the proposed closure does not comply with closures guidance to be issued by the relevant ministers.

The Act also modifies the way in which periodic reviews of the level of Network Rail access charges are conducted, and places specific responsibilities on the Secretary of State and on Scottish Ministers to specify the "outputs" that are to be funded through network access charges.

The Railways Infrastructure (Access and Management) Regulations 2005 were passed later in 2005.

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