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Track access charges from 2009

This page seeks to track the main milestones in ORR's review of Network Rail's track access charges to apply between April 2009 and March 2014.

Documents and events are listed in reverse chronological order through the review process.

28 February 2007: ORR notice formally starting the review

8 January 2007: Industry group to consolidate possessions compensation

5 December 2006: Consultations on freight access charges and reservation charges

29 September 2006: Consultation on treatment of uncertainties

31 July 2006: Consultation on performance and efficiency incentives

21 December 2005: Consultation on England/Scotland price control split

21 December 2005: Conclusions on Schedule 8

15 December 2005: Consultation on financing issues

15 December 2005: Consultancy report on expenditure trends

17 October 2005: End of structure of costs and charges review

ORR decided to postpone the implementation of any changes to the 2008 review.

11 August 2005: Consultation on plans for the review

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