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Transport Act 2000

The Transport Act 2000 provided for:

The full text of the Act is available in HTML chunks from the OPSI/HMSO website:

A PDF version (985 pages) is available from The Railways Archive.

Notes on railway provisions

Some of the rail provisions, particularly the creation of the Strategic Rail Authority, were subsequently reversed or replaced by the Railways Act 2005.

Part IV, Chapter II makes provision for the introduction of financial penalties or penal "reasonable sums" as incentives to comply with licence obligations, and allow ORR to direct improvement to regulated railway facilities. These powers have remained in place.

Notes on road transport provisions

The road transport provisions of the Transport Act 2000 apply to England and Wales only. The Transport (Scotland) Act 2001 implements some similar measures in Scotland.

The local concessionary bus travel provisions have been replaced by national concessions. In England the relevant provisions are in the Concessionary Bus Travel Act 2007.

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