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Water Services etc. (Scotland) Act 2005

The Water Services etc. (Scotland) Act 2005 made a number of changes to the regulation of the water industry in Scotland. The full text is available in HTML chunks from HMSO:

Selected provisions

Section 1 replaces the office of the Commissioner with a Water Industry Commission.

Section 4 and Section 5 prohibit common carriage on Scottish Water's water and sewerage networks.

Section 6 and following introduce a system of retail licences for water and sewerage, but only for supply to non-residential users (Section 27).

Section 13 provides for the establishment of a retail licensee as a subsidiary of Scottish Water, known as "the undertaking" in the Act and as Scottish Water Business Stream in current Scottish Water publications. Scottish Water itself retains all the statutory functions of water and sewerage undertaker.

Section 16 clarifies that the function of a licensed retailer is limited to customer management and perhaps some ancillary services; for the core water and/or sewerage service the supply is actually made by Scottish Water, the statutory undertaker, "at the request" of the licensed supplier.

Secondary legislation

The Water Services etc. (Scotland) Act 2005 (Consequential Provisions and Modifications) Order 2005 provides for the Competition Commission in London to conduct inquiries into proposed licence modifications or Scottish Water price control determinations in cases where the Water Industry Commission for Scotland disagrees with the relevant enterprise.

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