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Water mergers: Ofwat's response

This entry was added to on 2 November 2004.
The discussion of proportionality was substantially amended on 27 October 2005.
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Ofwat has published its response to the Competition Commission's consultation on water mergers. The short document is available from the Ofwat website (see links).

Beside raising a few concerns about wording and apparent inaccuracies in the CC's draft about Ofwat's duties and price control methodology, Ofwat makes the following points:

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Reckon commentary on some aspects of the CC's draft guidelines:

Article available from
See also Reckon Open "Water mergers" for supporting information and links.

Ofwat's response can be found at:$FILE/cc_watermerger_cons.doc

The CC's consultation draft guidelines on water mergers are available from:

The CC's general mergers guidelines are at:

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