We have experience of establishing and analysing franchising arrangements in several contexts.

Most recently, Nicholas Francis has led Reckon's input to the Health and Safety Executive review of the arrangements for a registration body for gas installers.

*Gas installers registration body (2007)

Our work in the GB rail sector has involved ongoing research and analysis of incentives arising from the various forms of franchise contracts that have been used by Government over the years for passenger rail franchises. Franck Latrémolière's career in full-time economics consultancy started in 1998 with a study on franchise design for OPRAF (the Government's rail franchising authority at the time), and he has been advising on aspects of these arrangements several times since then, most recently in relation to their impact on rolling stock leasing markets.

Franck Latrémolière was also part of the team advising the National Lottery Commission on the development of the invitation to apply and the assessment of the competing bids from Camelot and The People's Lottery for the current National Lottery franchise. His work on the invitation to apply focused on recasting the formula for contribution to Good Causes so as to improve incentives for the operator.

Our experience in other areas of economic regulation can also be deployed in a franchising context:

See also: Performance incentive regimes

See also: Ring-fencing obligations

See also: Ex ante regulation to protect competition

See also: Efficiency studies

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