Econometric analysis

We offer all forms of econometric and statistical analysis, including cross-sectional, time-series and panel data analysis.

*Pedro Fernandes

*Franck Latrémolière

We know how to use econometric tools for efficiency studies, demand forecasting, trend analysis, hypothesis testing and market research.

We know that the data analysis that is feasible cannot always answer the relevant questions, and we are careful not to allow data analysis to be pushed beyond what it can reliably deliver.

We have practical experience of applying econometric methods to a range of issues across regulated and unregulated sectors of the economy, and are aware of the impact of data limitations on the reliability of empirical work, and of ways of mitigating that impact.

As well as conducting empirical analysis in particular cases, we can provide advice about the strengths and weaknesses of particular quantitative techniques and their relevance (or lack thereof) to specific real-world questions, and staff training in the use of quantitative techniques.

We can also use non-statistical modelling techniques, e.g. data envelopment analysis and Monte Carlo risk analysis.

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