Competition law

We advise clients on the economics of competition law. We are most familiar with the EU and UK regimes.

Our services focus on the control of anti-competitive and unfair practices.

*Franck Latrémolière

*Nicholas Francis

Advice on administrative enforcement cases

We offer advice on all economic aspects of competition enforcement cases.

We can work for businesses who are, or might come, under investigation; or for the authorities investigating them.

Interaction with regulation and policymaking

We can conduct studies on the application of competition law to particular types of cases or industries. We also offer support with competition aspects of market investigations or regulatory policy reviews.

See also: Economics advice for competition policy

Competition law topics

We have particular knowledge about the application of the Article 82 and Competition Act 1998 prohibitions on abuse of a dominant position, the Article 86 rules for public services, and the control of State aid under Article 87.

See also: Excessive charges

See also: Exploitative abuse

See also: State aid and other subsidies

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