Our approach

We use economics as a tool to address data analysis, economic regulation and competition law issues.

We are careful to provide advice that will not be perceived as an attempt to displace legitimate legal, political or strategic decisions. We know that generally accepted conclusions or theorems from economic theory may not be applicable in the relevant legal, regulatory or commercial context.

We provide rigorous and dependable analysis

Our business proposition is based on the combination of technical expertise in economics and data analysis with a clear understanding of market and regulatory processes. We aim to be called upon when clients need analysis that will be relevant to their particular problems and circumstances and that will stand the test of challenge and debate.

Our approach is to rely on relevant legal precedents, statutory obligations, regulators' duties and other sources as the basis for determining which lines of economic analysis can be used to address the specific problems that we are asked to solve.

There is a devil's advocacy culture within the firm, with a constant search for potential weaknesses in arguments or analyses. We are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom or what we thought we knew.

We offer a strong partner-level commitment on each project. The designated contact partner will maintain day-to-day detailed oversight of the work from initial client enquiry through to project completion, and take personal responsibility for all aspects of delivery, committing significant input throughout the project. The contact partner will be available to explain or defend Reckon's analysis, at a high level or in technical detail, to the client organisation, to third parties or as an expert witness.

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We are independent and impartial

As a partnership with no external investors or vested interests, we are independent from any pressures other than the need to provide the best possible service to our clients.

Subject to a strict policy to prevent conflicts of interest, we seek to maintain a balance between advising regulators, regulated entities and other types of stakeholders.

Because we recognise the subordination of economic analysis to the specific legal principles and political or strategic choices applicable to each particular case, we are able to approach each assignment with no prejudice about the appropriate roles of free-market competition, industry co-operation and Government intervention in the specific circumstances of the case.

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Reckon LLP is an economics consultancy with expertise in data analysis, economic regulation and competition law.